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Research of Students

Scientific research topics of our students throughout the years:
•    2011 – 2012:
-    Solutions created to protect legitimate rights and benefits for workers at TDTU.
-    Experiences and solutions for union organizing to support female workers accomplishing their tasks.
•    2012 – 2013:
-    Ways to raise parents’ and students’ awareness about the Labor Relationsmajor at TDTU.
-    Experiences and solutions for labor relations in the footwear industry at the Linh Trung export processing zone, Thu Duc.
-    Strategies to develop labor relationships in foreign enterprises at Go Vap.
•    2013 – 2014:
-    Strategies to reinforce legal policy on workers of footwear companies at Linh Trung 2, Thu Duc Industrial Park.
-    Communication strategies to improve workers’ awareness of the union’s organizing and activities among companies belonging to thetextile union.
-    Communication strategies to encourage workers to join unions in the export processing zone in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.
•    2014 - 2015:
-    Union impacts on improving the labor relationship at thejoint stock company ofthe Thai Tuan group.
-    Strategies to complete basic union activities at Thuan Dao industrial park, Long An Province.