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Conference - Seminar

From March 26th, 2015 to March 28th, 2015, Faculty of Labor relations and Trade Unions, Ton Duc Thang University in collaboration with the ILO, Cornell University, Michigan State University The United States State University of Monterey Bay (USA) has organized the WORDRLC 2015 International Conference with the full name of "Worker Rights, Dispute Resolution and Related Legal Issues in the Global Supply Chain”.
There were 64 participants from 5 countries (USA, Australia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Cambodia).
The workshop details including 9 discussions with the following topics: Labor Law in Vietnam; Social dialogue in enterprises; Collective bargaining in enterprises; Obligations of social responsibility in enterprises; Strike and reconciliation work; Initiatives for settlement of labor disputes; Comparison of arbitration activities in Vietnam and other Asian countries.
After reviewing and screening, 28 papers were accepted at the workshop, including some of the most famous scientists in the field of labor training such as Helena Worthen of the University of Illinois. America); Malcolm Macintosh, RMIT University (Australia), Julie l. Brockman, Michigan State University (USA); Michele Ford, University of Sydney (Australia).
The workshop focused on discussing important aspects of labor relations, including social responsibility, social dialogue, collective bargaining, labor dispute and modes of labor dispute resolution. The workshop created an academic exchange for enhancing research capacity in labor relations for faculty and labor relations researchers. The presentation also provided useful policy implications. State management agencies in charge of labor, trade unions at local levels and employers shall refer to capacity building and operational efficiency in order to contribute to building a harmonious and stable labor relations orientation and progress in Vietnam and other countries.