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Short Term On-site Training Programs

Trade Union Professional Principles Program

Program objectives:  

Provides trade union officials working at all levels with knowledge of trade union organizing, emulation and reward activities, propaganda activities, labor law, insurance, and skills such as collective bargaining, communication techniques and media practices. Learners after completing the program have the capacity to organize trade union activities, to improve the quality of trade union activities, to build strong trade unions at all levels, and to harmonize labor relations.

Training time: 1 to 6 months.

Total number of credits: 09 teaching courses in 408 periods. 

Core courses: The History of Workers' Movements—Trade Unions in the World and Vietnam, Laws Related to Labor and Trade Unions, Management Psychology and Harmonized Labor Relations, Propaganda and Woman Union Activities, Trade Union Finance, Trade Unions Inspection Board of Committee, and Union Activities with Social Insurance, Health Insurance and Unemployment Insurance.