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Acta Astronautica

Astrobiology Research Published in a Top Space Journal

The October 2018 issue of Acta Astronautica already has made available the latest article by Dr. Daniel S. Helman of TDTU, "Galactic distribution of chirality sources of organic molecules". It addresses the question of habitability of planetary environments, and maps out a set of questions to ask to determine how likely the origin of life is in various astronomical settings. The contribution is comprehensive and includes such disparate effects as mineral interactions, interstellar dust, and magnetic field reversals. When the first version of the manuscript was posted to arXiv, it garnered a link in the MIT Technology Reviews blog "The Best of the Physics arXiv", which is a weekly roundup of "the week's most thought-provoking papers". The final version of the paper was published on 6 July 2018 in Acta Astronautica, which presents original contributions in all fields of basic, engineering, life and social space sciences and of space technology related to space exploration. The journal is listed on the Clarivate Analytics (ISI) Science Citation Index Expanded and Current Contents - Engineering, Computing & Technology, and is ranked 16/116 (86th percentile) for Aerospace Engineering by CiteScore, its highest percentile.