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Seminar “Quality assurance of online english teaching and learning” (session 2) - NanHua University, Taiwan on 03/12/2021.

On December 3rd, 2021, Faculty of Labor Relations and Trade Unions, Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) cooperates with Faculty of International Business Administration, Nanhua University, Taiwan to organize a seminar “Quality assurance of online english teaching and learning”. In the seminar, there are the representatives from Nanhua University (Taiwan) is Professor, Dr. Wann-Yih Wu - Dean of the Department of International Business Administration; Associate Professor, Dr. Ying-Kai Liao - Chair, Program of International Business and Ms. Pham Thi That - PhD student, Visiting Lecturer at Department of International Business Administration; the representative from Airlangga University (Indonesia) is Professor, Dr. Dian Agustia SE, Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business, Dr. Alfiyatul Qomariyah - Lecturer, Department of Accountancy, Airlangga University; the representatives from Ton Duc Thang University is Ms. Hoang Thi Tuong Vinh - PhD student, Lecturer of Faculty of Labor & Trade Union, many lecturers, students from Airlangga University, Nanhua University and 49 students Faculty of Labor Relations and Trade Unions, TDTU.

First, the University’s representatives introduce about the universities and share information about the activities that the University had performed to ensure the quality of online English teaching and students’ online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic in various ways such as checking attendance, assigning individual and group assignments in class and homework, and recording video of lectures for students to review after class. Group exercises are encouraged to be performed so that students have opportunities to communicate and discuss the contents of the lecture to apply to the exercise. In addition, the University’s representatives also discuss methods to promote student exchange programs in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic and propose that lecturers from each faculty would be in charge of teaching one short-term online course. Each faculty would appoint one lecturer to teach one subject with the composition of students from both faculties and consider to form a scientific research group to publish the research jointly.

Pictures on seminar

Picture 1:  Topics of the seminar

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Picture 2: Professor, Dr. Wann-Yih Wu – Dean of Department of Business Administration presents

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Picture 3: Lecturer presents in the seminar

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Picture 4: Lecturers and students are discussing

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