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Online teaching effectiveness, Exchange program and promote English teaching program during Covid-19: Challenges and Suggestion

On October 29, 2021, Faculty of Labor Relation and Trade Union, Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) cooperated with Faculty of International Business Administration, Nanhua University, Taiwan to organize a seminar between lecturers and students. Representatives from Nanhua University (Nanhua) - Taiwan include: Professor, Dr. Wann-Yih Wu – Dean of Department of Business Administration; Professor, Dr. Paul Lai, Lecturer of Department of Finance; Associate Professor, Dr. Ying-Kai Liao – International Business Program Director; Associate Professor, Dr. Hsin-Kuang Chi - Lecturer of the Faculty of Business Administration and PhD student Pham Thi That - Faculty of Business Administration. Representatives from Ton Duc Thang University include Dr. Nguyen Dinh Hoa – Dean of Faculty of Labor Relations & Trade Unions; Msc. Ha Thi La – Vice Dean of Faculty of Labor Relations & Trade Unions; Dr. Nguyen Ho Khanh Van and many lecturers.

First,the representatives of the two Universities shared their teaching experiences on the online platforms - Google meet and Zoom and discuss useful features of existing online platforms such as group division, multiple choice exercises, automatic attendance. Second, the lecturers discuss methods to promote english teaching program. Lecturers suggest that it is necessary to know the english background of the target group of students in order to design lessons, deploy group work methods, search documents and divide the number of students in each class to manage and support students during learning process. In addtion, the two faculties have proposed ideas to  promote student exchange programs during the Covid-19 epidemic and suggest lecturers in each faculty will be in charge of teaching one short-term online course, each faculty appoint 01 lecturer to teach 01 subject with the students from 02 faculties and consider to form a scientific research group to jointly publish the researches.

Pictures in seminar: 

Picture 1:  Topics of the seminar

Hình 1


Picture 2: Speakers of the seminar

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Picture 3: Professor, Dr. Wann-Yih Wu – Dean of Department of Business Administration presents

Hình 3


Picture 4: Lecturers and students are discussing

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Picture 5: Lecturers and students are discussing

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