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Online seminar on sharing information and publishing books on Labor relations and research topics by Dr. Michael Mauer, University of Illinois, USA

In the morning October 19, 2020, the Faculty of Labor Relations and Trade Unions invited Dr. Michael Mauer, University of Illinois, USA organized 01 seminar on sharing the content of Dr. Mauer newly published books and experiences in book publishing. This seminar is aim to promote the international cooperation relationships to invite foreign professors to teach the labor relations at the university, and create chance for lecturers to improve their expertise and exchange research methods, writing and publishing specialized books according to international standards, create chance for students to exchange with foreign expert about the knowledge of the US labor relations, including situation of the US trade unions, labor law and collective bargaining agreements, improve English skills. 

In the framework of the work program, Dr. Michael Mauer, lecturers and students shared online at the Inspirational Library online meeting room, TDTU.

Pictures in seminar:



Photos and articles: F.LR&TU.